Legendary / Hunter / Class Item / Hunter Cloak

"Keep a radio hidden on you… and hope you never need it." —Spider

Source: Season of Plunder

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Ketchkiller's Cloak

"Keep a radio hidden on you… and hope you never need it." —Spider

Eliksni Quarter, Last City

What makes a House? It is a good question, and one that many Eliksni do not think on often enough.

For Humans, a house is a place. But for Eliksni, a House is a family. It has a culture. A philosophy of living, shared by all.

That is why the House of Light survived, even when we fled Europa. Even after the Shipstealer took all we had. We were bound not by place or possessions, but as family.

Cryptarch Matsuo asked me why the old crews are not considered Houses. It is a wise question. One that, perhaps, does not have a singular answer.

I think it is because those who lead the old crews do not wish to be true Kells. A Kell is responsible for the safety and prosperity of their House. It is an honor, and a burden.

Those you call Pirate Lords wish only to take—they give nothing, even to their own people. Each raider is responsible only for themselves. A crew is expendable… a family is not.

The old crews live a sad life. One best left in the past.

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