Exotic / Titan / Arms / Gauntlets

Nobody calls it that.

Source: Exotic engrams; extremely rare world drops.

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Doom Fang Pauldron
Added in Season 1

Exotic Perks

Horns of Doom

Horns of Doom

Defeating targets with Void damage has a chance to grant an escalating bonus to damage with Void weapons. Defeating targets with Void melee grants Super energy.

While Sentinel Shield is active, defeating targets with melee attacks recharges Shield Throw, which extends your Super on hitting a target.

Community Research

Scoring 2 to 3 Void Kills within 10 seconds of each grants 1 Stack of Void Weapon Surge for 11 [PVP: 6] seconds. Further Void Kills while at the maximum of 4 Stacks refresh the buff's duration.

Grants the following on Powered Void Melee Kills:
• 20% [PVP: 10%] Super Energy once per ability usage
• All 4 Stacks of Void Weapon Surge

Sentinel Shield's Shield Throw Hits grant 10% Super Energy, extending Super Duration.
Last Updated 2023-08-22

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Doom Fang Pauldron

Nobody calls it that.

"It was a Warlock who first worked out that the fangs could be used as some kind of conductive amplifier when specific light frequencies were run through 'em. I don't know the science. That's not for me. I just know they work. And in battle what works is what's best.

"Is it weird? Yeah. Maybe. Science fangs and space magic. But I've seen enough strange out there to understand normal ain't the norm. Anyway, the Warlock called 'em 'Bio-Conductive Trouble Breakers'. I call 'em 'Doom Fangs' 'cause of the fang, which is obvious, and then there's the doom we tend to inflict on a situation.

"Plus it just sounds cooler."

– Unknown Titan

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