Exotic / Warlock / Legs / Leg Armor

Beware the promise of a wanderer.

Exotic Armor Focusing

Exotic Perks



Destroying a Tangle spawns a Threadling. Your Threadlings unravel targets that they damage.

Community Research

Spawns 2 Threadlings upon destroying a Tangle.

Threadlings apply Unravel for [?] [PVP: 5] seconds on hit. This is increased to [?] [PVP: 7.5] seconds with Thread of Continuity equipped.
Last Updated 2023-03-12

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Beware the promise of a wanderer.

Listen my child, and come to behold,

Of what came to pass in our histories of old.

Before Neomuna was the city you know,

Our defenses were weak, our security mere show.

The Vex they did plague us, though we knew not,

Filled our CloudArk with viruses and carnage they wrought.

In the depths of our suffering, a Trojan did come,

The Axis Mind, Aesop, promised us but a crumb.

"Of course, I will lead these vermin away,

I will heal your network, keep the viruses at bay.

In exchange, you will give me one simple thing,

I ask only for loyalty; think of me as your king."

Aesop the Sovereign, as he called himself then,

Made his promise of refuge, we'd be safe once again.

The people refused; Aesop's bargain precluded,

"Think of your dear children," a threat was alluded.

The people held fast, Aesop's menace ignored,

And upon them he unleashed his digital horde.

The children went dark, their connection was severed,

We knew then we had lost Neomuna's most treasured.

Aesop withdrew and left us to mourn,

"I'll return one day," to us he did warn.

Since then, we have labored each day and each night,

To keep our CloudArk safe, locked up good and tight.

Should Aesop return, he'll be met with a wall,

The most powerful, vigilant, and mighty of all.

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