Legendary / Titan / Head / Helmet

Tex Mechanica custom-made armored cover. Headstrong, perfect for a charging bull.

Source: "Spire of the Watcher" Dungeon

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TM-Cogburn Custom Cover

Tex Mechanica custom-made armored cover. Headstrong, perfect for a charging bull.

Ana Bray stands from behind her workshop monitor, followed by her Ghost, Jinju. "The Vex did what?"

Niik peeks over an adjacent monitor.

"The Guardian thwarted their attempt," Osiris responds.

Ana sits back down with a sigh. "Here I thought we only had to deal with one robot."

Osiris raises a finger in protest, "The Vex aren't robo—"

Ana cuts in. "We need to make sure they can't try it again. A while back I found a Pillory bunker. Made sure only Rasputin could access them. Clearly the Sol Divisive didn't get the memo," Ana says, collecting equipment around the workshop. "They'll try again."

Osiris nods, the potential of adventure drawing his lips into a smirk. "Then I'll go—"

"No!" Ana dashes passed Osiris, "It's your night to watch the Colonel. I'll outsource a posse."


Three rugged Guardians crowd a wooden table in the Ether Tank. Ana spots their Tex Mechanica gear in the crowd. She sends Niik through the mingling bustle of Eliksni and Human patronage to order refreshments from the barkeep.

Ana saddles up to the table, slaps her hand down. "Wasn't sure you'd show after our talk."

"No one likes dealing with Vex, Gunslinger," the Awoken Hunter, Earp, grumbles from below the brim of his hat.

Ana smiles and tilts her head. " Which is why I'm paying you for the trouble."

"We accepted before some of us knew we were dealing with robots that delete you from existin'." A leather-robed, Exo Warlock, Moss-2, leans forward, followed by a Ghost hovering close to his head.

"They're not actually robots," Ana grumbles.

"Nonetheless, hazard like that costs extra." Moss-2's eyes blink independently, followed by his Ghost's iris, as if in a sequence.

Ana looks to Earp quizzically, who shrugs, then back to Moss-2. "What is this, a shakedown?"

A grizzled Human Titan at the table, Cogburn, stands. His mountainous frame towers over the seated Guardians. "Moss wants claims to weapons, loot, or patterns we find. Boy's still fresh, grave dirt on his boots. Needs all the help he can get," he booms, then turns to his partners. "Why are we muddying this water, dancing around? Just ask her for it."

Ana laughs, leans back to meet Cogburn's gaze, then stares down Moss-2. "I'm going to assume you shot that offer so high because you're hoping to get something in the middle. Here it goes: you get your normal payment, plus first print of any weapon schematics we find that Tex can fabricate. They'll fit those custom threads."

"Sound good to you, Moss?" Cogburn barks with a gruff chuckle, sitting. "If things get too hot your Ghost can just do it for you."

Niik arrives, distributes drinks, and sits as Ana pulls a free chair next to her.

Ana studies Moss-2 and his Ghost as they silently consider her offer; a cranial implant embedded in Moss-2's skull flashes a light in sequence with his Ghost's iris. "What do you mean by that?"

"I don't have a firm grasp on the Light," Moss-2's illuminated mouth forms a frown. "But No Name does, so we share." The Ghost, settles into his open palm.

"Share what?"

Moss-2 taps the blinking implant on his cranial-plate. "Everything. And we find your offer agreeable."

The party share agreeing glances, then return a simple, silent nod before draining their cups.

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