Exotic / Hunter / Arms / Gauntlets

With this, I topple Heracles.

Source: Solo Legend and Master Lost Sectors

Exotic Perks

Halberdier's Reach

Halberdier's Reach

Increases Glaive reload speed and melee damage when surrounded. Glaive melee final blows overflow a round to the magazine. Glaive projectile final blows detonate if the Glaive deals damage matching your subclass type.

Community Research

Glaive Melee Kills load 1 Ammo into the Magazine from reserves. Can overfill the Magazine up to double the normal capacity.

While within 15 meters of 3+ enemies:
Grants 50 Reload Speed and 100% Increased Melee Damage to Glaives.

On Projectile Kills with Glaives Matching your Subclass Element:
Enemies explode, dealing up to 350 [PVP: 101] damage in a 4? meter radius.
Last Updated 2024-02-29

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Triton Vice

With this, I topple Heracles.

"What… are you wearing?"

"These are the grasping pincers of Titan's apex predator! Replicated in miniature, of course. I'm sure the real thing would tower over us."

"I've read Pahanin's treatise on cephalopods—"

"No, not squids. Crabs, obviously! The perfect organism! The form toward which all life inevitably converges! Even on Nessus—"

"Those are not crabs. Where are you getting all this?"

"The VanNet. Look, the farther out from Earth we get, the more we'll see that crabs are everywhere. Look at the Eliksni!"

"The Eliksni don't have a common ancestor with anything on Earth, so I don't think our taxonomy really applies to the—"

"How big do you think an Eliksni can get? Do you think there's a giant one out there somewhere? …I'm asking Variks."

"Do NOT ask—hey, come back!"

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