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Exotic / Power / Sword

The last thing the Vex ever heard—the grinding wails of a vicious Banshee.

Banshee's Wail

Banshee's Wail

[Block] : Hold to rev the blade.
• Increases damage and adds [Shield-Piercing] shield piercing to all attacks.
• Gain stacks when dealing damage with revved attacks.
• Additional stacks increase the damage and damage resistance of heavy attacks.
Revved Consumption

Revved Consumption

Damaging a combatant heals the wielder.


Swing Speed
Guard Resistance
Inventory Size
Charge Rate 32
Ammo Capacity 62

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The Lament

The last thing the Vex ever heard—the grinding wails of a vicious Banshee.


Dear… me.

For one who has delved into some of the greatest secrets science has to offer, you would think I'd find speaking with oneself rather monotonous. However, this very letter represents a successful culmination of all I have worked to achieve.

You'll have questions, no doubt. Hopefully by now, the AI has answered most of them.

Except one: Why?

Legacy, of course.

…Is the answer you'd expect from me. And rightfully so. It's not wrong, but it's only part of the story.

Frankly, I'm alarmed. For all my successes in scientific research, I have lacked any substantial findings of an afterlife. All I can find is death. An infinite nothingness. No remembering my loved ones, no seeing them again. No feeling their touch, or hearing their voices.

In my pursuit of eternity in this reality, I have foregone those niceties. Abandoned them. But you are a second chance. An opportunity to continue what I started, and hopefully in time, make amends with those I've wronged.

Attached to this letter, you will find a gift. A blade built just for you.

Keep it close. Never let anyone else take it. Stay alive.

For legacy.

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