Exotic / Energy / Hand Cannon

A light in the dark.

Source: Exotic Archive at the Tower

Exotic Perks

Looks Can Kill

Looks Can Kill

This weapon fires shield-piercing ammunition with a scope. Strong against [Shield-Piercing] Barrier Champions. Breaking a matched shield or piercing a Champion's barrier will cause the target to ignite.
Death at First Glance

Death at First Glance

Bonus damage when aiming down sights on the opening shot of an attack. This bonus is preserved if the shot deals precision damage or strikes an elemental shield.


Damage Falloff  
Reload Speed
Reload Time  
Aim Assistance
Inventory Size
Airborne Effectiveness
Rounds Per Minute 90
Magazine 6
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Let's Go

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Eriana's Vow

A light in the dark.

Omar: This place reeks of death.

Toland: Worse. Rebirth.

Sai: Once something is gone, it should stay that way.

Eriana-3: I can't share that sentiment.

Sai: You will never find peace if you can't accept your loss.

Eriana-3: I'll find peace when I rip that monster's beating heart from his chest.

Eris: I have never known vengeance to bring peace.

Eriana-3: What do you think I should hope for, then? All I have left is my vengeance and my gun.

Eris: A Hand Cannon with a sight, yet you see nothing but rage. Don't allow it to cloud your judgement. Wei gave you the weapon for a purpose.

Eriana-3: Yeah, to keep me at a distance from the Hive. And now I'm heading straight toward them. Somewhere out there, she's shaking a fist at me.

Eris: We can honor her still by ridding the world of the disease that is Crota.

Eriana-3: There is no world for me after Crota.

Eris: What you are feeling… is to be expected. In time, we can forge a new world. Together.

Eriana-3: I want to believe that is possible.

Vell: I hate to interrupt this touching moment, but does anyone else hear that?

Sai: That rumble?

Toland: Thralls… I think they mean to welcome us.

Eriana-3: Let them come. I'll be the last Light they ever see.

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