Exotic / Hunter / Arms / Gauntlets

Smother the lights and run.

Source: Solo Legend and Master Lost Sectors

Exotic Perks

Winged Eclipse

Winged Eclipse

Your grenade becomes a cage of loyal moths that release on impact and fly toward the nearest target or ally. If they reach a target, they detonate in a blinding explosion; if they reach an ally, the moths grant your ally a Void overshield.

Community Research

Replaces Grenade Ability with 'Cage of Loyal Moths', grants an extra Grenade Ability Charge. Overrides Base (T3) Grenade Ability cooldown to 73 seconds.

Moth Cage explodes on impact, releasing 2 loyal moths that fly to their nearest target.

Loyal Moths variants:
• Arc Moths: slower-flying, offensive role. They seek out targets and detonate on contact, dealing up to 526 [PVP: 31 to Players, 201 to Objects] damage over a 4 meter radius and Blinding targets. Counts as Arc Grenade Damage.
• Void Moths: faster-flying, support role. They seek out allies and grant them a 22.5 HP Void Overshield on contact.

When no enemies are within ? meters of the detonation area, it spawns 2 Void Moths. When only enemies are around, it spawns 2 Arc Moths.

When both allies and enemies are around, it spawns 1 Arc Moth and 1 Void Moth.
Last Updated 2023-12-08

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Mothkeeper's Wraps

Smother the lights and run.

She had tracked the infested Ogre across the Throne World, led by its trailing effluvium. Now it lay collapsed against a cracked jade pillar, its wheezing form obscured by a thick blanket of moths.

As she approached, ripples of startling color shimmered over the Ogre as the moths flashed their vibrant underwings in warning. She pulled her hood tight against her exposed face. She would have to work quickly.

The moths on the ground shivered as she stepped carefully over them. She took a breath of the powdery air and reached into the rustling mass, shoulder deep, as quivering wings beat against her neck. She groped blindly until her fingers finally grazed against the withered Ogre, its hide yielding as old leather.

Her knife was swift and sure. The Ogre shuddered once, and it was over. As she withdrew her blade, the moths took flight with the muffled rush of a thousand zephyr-borne petals.

Then they were upon her, covering her cloak, her shoulders, landing in her hair. They smothered her with their dusty bodies, brushing against her lips as she whispered the incantation she stole from the Witch Queen's Spire. She traced the outline of a Hive rune in the air with her knife, then touched the tip of the blade to the back of her hand.

The moths fell still, hushed, bipectinate antennae quivering as they considered the offer:

Not a host, but a home.

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