Exotic / Intrinsic

Weighted Knife gains a second bounce. Rapid precision hits with your weapons grant Weighted Knife a significant damage bonus and the ability to stun unshielded combatants for a short time.

Empowered Weighted Knife is strong against [Stagger] Unstoppable Champions.

Community Research

Weighted Throwing Knife gains a second bounce with greatly increased tracking.

Scoring 3 Precision Hits within 2.5 seconds of each grants Strengthened Throwing Knife for 10 seconds.

Additional Precision Hits increase buff duration by 5 seconds each, up to 30 seconds.

Strengthened Throwing Knife deals 200% [PVP: 100%] increased damage and stuns Unstoppable Champions. Buff is consumed on Knife Hit.
Last Updated 2023-03-14


Skittering Stinger

Skittering Stinger

Weighted Knife bounces twice and deals bonus damage.
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