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"When one can wield the fire of stars, what use is flesh and bone?"

Source: Exotic engrams; extremely rare world drops.

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Added in Season 1

Exotic Perks

Helium Spirals

Helium Spirals

Increases the duration of Solar Grenades. Solar melee kills grant unlimited Solar Grenade energy for a brief time.

Community Research

Only works with the Solar Element Grenades named Solar Grenade equipped.

Solar Grenades have Fastball intrinsically and last 4 seconds longer (4🠚8s normally, 6🠚10s with Touch of Flame equipped).

Powered Melee Kills grant 5 seconds of Sunbracers Ready. Using your Grenade Ability while Sunbracers Ready is active grants the Sunbracers buff.

'Sunbracers' grants 20,000% Additional Base 'Solar Grenade' Regeneration Rate for 5 seconds. (Effectively recharges ~132% of a 'Solar Grenade' charge per second)
Last Updated 2023-10-08

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"When one can wield the fire of stars, what use is flesh and bone?"

"Thanks. Helium reactors still intact. What did you call them?"
"Hmm. Bad idea. I go around touting that name and those mercs will come out of their caves and I'll have twice the trouble. I've got enough bad blood with those barbarians."
"The Sunbreakers, old Titan order, super serious mercenaries, fire hammers? Been in the wilds for decades, and word is they've made a new pact with the City, so there's bound to be more of them."
"It's just a name."
"You tell them that, they'll probably put a bounty on you and try to sacrifice you to their forge. I'll call them Sunbracers."
"Call them what you want. To me they'll always be Sunbreakers."

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