Legendary / Titan / Head / Helmet

Upgrade this item using Kindling and Embers obtained during Solstice 2022.

Source: Solstice

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Candescent Helm

Upgrade this item using Kindling and Embers obtained during Solstice 2022.

Shaxx shakes his head as he watches the Crucible match play out onscreen. Bravo Team's Warlock has been revived by their Ghost three times in 30 seconds, and by the look of things, they're well on their way to a fourth. It's a shameful display, and the rest of Bravo seems to be getting fed up with it.

"Tough match, huh?"

Shaxx turns to see Ikora Rey, her eyes fixed on the screen as well.

"Tough for that Warlock's team," Shaxx sighs. "They've eaten a full shotgun blast to the chest, a Hunter's knife to the face, and even got disintegrated by their own grenade."

"Mhm," Ikora replies absently. "Bet you 500 Glimmer that they rally."

Shaxx tilts his head at her. "Are you serious?"

"I'm always serious," she replies with an arched brow.

After a moment, Shaxx nods. "All right. I'll take that bet."

They turn their attention back to the match. The Warlock is caught in an explosion. Revived. Impaled on a glaive. Revived. Falls off the edge of the arena. Revived.

And then… they land a headshot. And another. Then another. They stick close to a member of Bravo, drawing fire so that their teammate can release a fusion rifle burst into their opponent. Shaxx watches in awe as the Warlock shapes their Light into a flaming sword and takes to the sky, raining fire down on Alpha team.

When the smoke clears, Bravo ekes out a narrow victory.

"How did you know?" Shaxx asks as he hands the Glimmer to Ikora.

"That Warlock stayed in the match," she replies. "Never bet against someone who won't quit."

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