Basic / Trait

Dealing sustained damage grants bonus damage against vehicles and constructs and refunds ammunition. Damage with Primary ammo or against constructs provides additional progress.

Constructs include barricades, turrets, Stasis crystals, and other objects created in the field.

Community Research

Upon scoring multiple hits within 6 seconds of each:
• Refills 10% of the Magazine from thin air. Refill amount is rounded up. Can be reactivated without a cooldown. Does nothing if the Magazine is full or Overfilled.
• Grants 40% Increased Damage against Constructs and Vehicles for 5 seconds. Additional hits refresh the buff duration.

Number of Hits Required: 2 + 50% (25% on Primary Weapons) of Base Magazine Capacity rounded down.

Wave Frame Grenade Launchers (Wave GLs) require 3 Hits with Direct Impacts counting as 2 Hits. While the buff is active, only Direct Impact Hits will start a new counter for ammo refills (i.e. Direct Impact resets the counter an contributes 2 Hits).

Hits against Constructs and Vehicles provide 1.5x activation progress for Primary weapons and 2x progress for Special weapons. Wave GLs do not benefit from this.
Last Updated 2024-04-04
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