Legendary / Hunter / Chest / Chest Armor

"Every day is a recommitment to my path." —Elsie Bray

Source: "Deep Stone Crypt" Raid

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Legacy's Oath Vest

"Every day is a recommitment to my path." —Elsie Bray

I'm so angry, so frustrated. I've lost family and friends. The world has been ripped apart, and I'm left standing in the void at the center. Why me? Why am I left alone here? Survivor's guilt doesn't begin to describe my pain. I miss my family. I don't know what family means when I don't even carry the blood to tie us together any longer. At times, I feel I was made to be a walking advertisement for BrayTech. A product. "Look how successful the Exo Project was." I'm just a collection of memories and impulses—some kind of abomination.

I know that can't be true. I… just don't know what to do. I must be meant for more. I can't live a "normal life." I never had a chance for that, not with the family I was born into. I'm filled with rage. I want to correct the mistakes of my predecessors. The blights on humanity unleashed by my grandfather… could that be his intent when he made me? Was I born from unacknowledged guilt and some fear of consequence? He seemed incapable of those emotions, but he was only Human in the end.

Whether he planned this or not, I'm going to destroy that damned crypt, and I'll rid the world of the shadow cast by Clovis Bray and his infernal creations.

I also know what that means for me. One day my mission will end, and I won't have to wonder what to do with myself. I will be the last to go.

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