Legendary / Warlock / Head / Helmet

Acolytes of Nezarec: Acasia - I

Source: "Root of Nightmares" Raid

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Mask of Detestation

Acolytes of Nezarec: Acasia - I

The jungle density was oppressive and threatened to keep inexperienced explorers from traversing it. Though I had never navigated such a biome, I did not let it deter me.

The humidity, the bugs, the overgrowth—I endured them all. I knew she was here… her trail was almost impossible to find, let alone follow, but she was close.

A few days passed before I stumbled on a cave hidden by wild and unwieldy bushes. Even in the cover of night, I could see her there, collecting berries.

I snapped a twig under my foot. She spun, palm alight in a purple aura, her singular eye trained on me. I raised my hands immediately.

"I—I mean no harm! I'm just a traveler looking for a place to lay my head for the night. I'm unarmed."

I waited patiently, careful not to move an inch as she searched my body for anything that could cause her harm. When she found nothing but a tome in my bag, she considered me with a cautious pause, one hand still bright purple. Then she gave a quick nod and walked toward her camp within the cave.

The fire she kept was small but warm, and once we finished eating, she smothered it with some dry dirt. I leaned my head against a wooden log and closed my eyes.

Some time passed before I finally heard her shift. She had turned to lie on her back. I fixed my eyes on the Psion before me and waited.

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