Basic / Arms Armor Mod

Collecting an Orb of Power causes you to gain 1 temporary Armor Charge.

Requires Guardian Rank 7: Threats and Surges

Requires 3 of ANY energy


Any Energy Type Cost

Community Research

When a Grenade Ability Charge is fully consumed:
Grants Grenade Ability Energy based on the number of Mods equipped and consumes active Armor Charge Stacks.

Each Mod and Stack of Armor Charge counts as one 'charge' for Grenade Energy refunds.

Grenade Energy gains with 1|2|etc. 'charges':
[PVE] 12.9% | 17.15% | 23.4% | 31% | 37.8% | 42.5% | 45.8% | 48.2% | 50%
[PVP] 11.3% | 12.9% | 14.8% | 17.15% | 20% | 23.4% | 27.15% | 31% | 34.65%
Last Updated 2023-09-10


Multiple copies of this mod can be stacked to increase the potency of its effect, with diminishing returns for each additional copy of the mod.
Grenade Kickstart

Grenade Kickstart

When your grenade energy is fully expended, you gain grenade energy. Additionally, your Armor Charge is consumed and you gain additional grenade energy for each stack.

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