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Legendary / Hunter / Chest / Chest Armor

A mercurial bust: for one who seeks answers about the Dark.

Source: Season of Arrivals dungeon.

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Flowing Vest (CODA)

A mercurial bust: for one who seeks answers about the Dark.

"What is the Darkness?"

You open your eyes and gaze upon your weary soul, seeking an answer to your question.

You don't recognize what you see, here in this world full of L I G H T.

It looks different from what you remember, but you can't remember what that was.

You remember the Cosmodrome. You remember your many lives since then.

But were they really you?

Because you died. You die. All the time.

How do you know that's not a whole new Hunter climbing out of that crater?

What if those other Hunters, those other you, are still dead?

Do you care? Do they?

Your vision gradually returns…

A harsh glare blooms from the heavens above.

Something grips your hands, desperately shaking them.

Your feet find purchase in shifting sands.

Your cloak billows in the wind, yet something clings to it, weighing it down.

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