Legendary / Hunter / Head / Helmet

"What will happen if I die?"

Source: "Ghosts of the Deep" Dungeon

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Mask of the Taken King

"What will happen if I die?"

"Keep this talisman on you at all times."

Black, glossy, and in the right light, the talisman has a rainbow iridescence. It reminds Fenchurch of hematite pearls from the Bay of Drowned Wishes. He rolls it in his hand, looking up at Chalco to see the creases of worry in her brow.

Fenchurch clips the talisman to his jacket as the rest of his fireteam has. "What's it do?"

"If it glows white, stay where you are and call out," Chalco explains, choosing her words carefully all while avoiding Fenchurch's gaze. "If you experience any memory loss or sense of déjà vu, call out." A silence falls over her fireteam. Palpable tension fills the cabin as they feel the craft begin to descend.

"If you see anyone at the operation site that you do not recognize, call out." Chalco continues, occasionally steadying herself with a hand on the cabin ceiling as the submersible pitches and yaws in the disruptive currents. "If you experience any out-of-body sensations or missing time, call out."

"Ma'am?" Lisbon-13 is not afraid to interrupt Chalco. His eyes glow bright from the back of the submersible. "Where are we going?"

Chalco stares for a moment, squares her shoulders, and continues. "If you hear a voice that you think is your own…"

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