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기본 / Class Item Armor Mod

힘의 보주를 수집하면, 일시적으로 방어구 충전을 1개 획득합니다.

수호자 등급 7 필요: 위협과 쇄도

Requires 3 of ANY energy


아무 에너지 유형 비용

Community Research

Grants 30|50|60 Recovery with 1|2|3 Mods equipped while you have active Armor Charges.

Armor Charge now decays over time at the rate of 1 every 10 seconds by default.
Last Updated 2023-03-26


Multiple copies of this mod can be stacked to increase the potency of its effect, with diminishing returns for each additional copy of the mod.
Font of Restoration

Font of Restoration

You gain a bonus to recovery while you have any Armor Charge. Your Armor Charge now decays over time.

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