공허 수집가

기본 / Leg Armor Mod

공허 무기를 장착하고 해당 무기가 사용하는 탄약 획득 시 추가 예비 탄약을 얻습니다.

수호자 등급 6 필요: 강력한 보상

Requires 3 of ANY energy


아무 에너지 유형 비용

Community Research

Only works in PvE game modes.

Ammo Brick Pickups grants an additional 1% of your Total Reserves to Void Weapons matching the Ammo Type. This is increased to 10% with Trace Rifles and Swords.

Aggressive Frame Linear Fusion Rifles and Two-Tailed Fox do not receive any extra ammo on pickups.

Always rounds up to the nearest whole number. Functions the same way regardless of what spawned the Ammo Brick.

By default, normal Ammo Bricks grant 25-33% of your Total Reserves.
Last Updated 2024-05-01

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