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Destabilizing Rounds
Final blows cause nearby targets to become volatile. Cooldown between activations reduced.
Envious Assassin
Defeating targets with other weapons before drawing this one transfers additional ammo to the magazine from reserves. This ef...
Precision final blows or rapidly defeating targets with this weapon spawns a Threadling at the target's location. Improves ha...
Keep Away
Significantly increases reload, range, and accuracy when no targets are in close proximity.
Kinetic Tremors
Sustained kinetic damage to a target emits a shockwave that damages any nearby targets. Perk activates more quickly.
Paracausal Affinity
Final blows of energy types matching this weapon's alignment grant increased damage for an improved duration. Light final blo...
Replenishing Aegis
Blocking damage partially reloads this weapon from reserves. Shortens delay between activations.
Valiant Charge
Receiving damage while guarding temporarily increases Sword lunge distance for an improved duration.