Comum / Enhanced Trait

Golpes finais com um tipo de energia correspondente à energia desta arma concedem um bônus de dano por um período mais longo. Golpes finais de Luz melhoram armas solares, de arco e de vácuo. Golpes finais de Treva melhoram armas de estase e filamento.

Community Research

Scoring a Kill from any source matching the elemental alignment of the weapon grants 20% increased damage for 🡅 7 seconds.

Can activate and stay active while stowed.

Light Alignment: Arc, Solar, Void
Darkness Alignment: Stasis, Strand

🡅 Buff duration is increased by 1 second.
Last Updated 2023-03-15


Paracausal Affinity

Paracausal Affinity

Final blows of energy types matching this weapon's alignment grant increased damage for a short period of time. Light final blows boost Arc, Solar, and Void weapons. Darkness final blows boost Stasis and Strand weapons.
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