Comum / Enhanced Trait

Acertar um alvo com quase todos os projéteis de um disparo aumenta o dano corpo a corpo por um breve período.

Community Research

Hitting a target with 🡅 10 of the 12 Shotgun Pellets in the spread increases the damage of your next Melee attack within 1.22 seconds by 100%.

Against Bosses and Vehicles , this is increased to 150% for the following melee options:
All Unpowered Melees, Combination Blow, Disorienting Blow, Chain Lightning, and Grapple Melee

The following options do not benefit from the perk:
• Hunters: Proximity Explosive Knife's and Snare Bomb's detonations, Tempest Strike, Withering Blade, Threaded Spike
• Titans: Throwing Hammer, Consecration, Thunderclap, Shield Throw, Flechette Storm
• Warlocks: all abilities except Chain Lightning

The buff does not stack with the passive Melee Damage Increase against Frozen non-Boss targets. The higher buff of the two takes precedence. (Freeze being higher in every non-Boss case with the exception of Shiver Strike and Howl of the Storm in PVE)

🡅 Requires 2 fewer Shotgun Pellets to activate.


One-Two Punch

One-Two Punch

Hitting an enemy with every pellet in a shot increases melee damage for a short duration.
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