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Infligir daño cinético prolongado a un objetivo emite una onda de choque que daña a los objetivos cercanos.

Community Research

Scoring multiple hits against a target within 3 seconds of each emits 3 damaging shockwaves from its location at the time of activation.

Shockwaves appear 0.285 seconds after scoring enough hits and have a 1 second delay between each pulse.

Each shockwave deals up to 120 [PVP: 20] damage in a 5? meter radius. Shockwaves deal 25% less damage if activated on Minor and Elite PvE Combatants.

Shockwaves inherit Weapon Damage Buffs, the weapon's passive Kinetic Damage Bonus in PVE (10% on Primary, 15% on Special), and its Combatant Damage Scaling .

The perk cannot be triggered on a target again until after 2? seconds of the last shockwave.

Hits Required for Activation:
• Auto Rifles: 12
• Submachine Guns: 14
• Pulse Rifles: 11
• Non-burst Sidearms: 11
• Hand Cannons, Scout Rifles: 6
• Sniper Rifles: 3
Last Updated 2024-01-17
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