Legendary / Titan / Chest / Chest Armor

I wish to be brave.


Plate of the Great Hunt

I wish to be brave.

Joxer checked the safety on his rifle for the ninth time.

Illyn of the Techeun stepped out of the greyness before him. A massive, coffin-shaped container levitated at her side.

"You won't need that," Illyn said of the rifle.

Joxer kept it in his hands.

"All that Light and still your key motivation is fear. It's fear that drives you to ask the Queen for help."

"The Ahamkara are blasting and paving entire regions of Venus," he said.

"They wouldn't be so base. They're re-writing Venus."

"Whatever. It's a problem I can't punch. Do you have guns that will help, or not?"

The massive container lowered itself before the Titan. Illyn lifted the lid and pale cosmic light from within reflected off Joxer's eyes.

"Long rifles. Close quarters weapons. Silent killers in the night. All yours to borrow. You must return these when your Hunt is complete."

"Why?" Joxer frowned.

"Those are the conditions of her bargain. Take it or leave it."

"Her? The Queen?"

Illyn didn't respond.

Joxer took the entire container on his back.

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