Exotic / Warlock / Head / Helmet

"Go out in a blaze of glory." —Ancient Earth proverb

Exotic Armor Focusing

Exotic Perks

Rites of Ember

Rites of Ember

Your Daybreak projectiles deal more damage and scorch targets on impact. Your scorch is improved and you gain a small amount of melee energy when your scorch damages a target.

Community Research

Daybreak Projectiles deal 90% increased damage and apply 30 Scorch on hit (40 with Ember of Ashes).

(Daybreak Projectiles can often hit twice for double damage and double Scorch)

Scorch (from all sources) deals 200% [PVP: 50%] increased damage and each Damage Tick grants 5% Melee Ability Energy.
Last Updated 2024-04-27

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Dawn Chorus

"Go out in a blaze of glory." —Ancient Earth proverb

My heart warms like fire kindled; my spirit exalted by the Flame. I smile at my enemies, because I rejoice in their chastening.

No one burns so brightly or holds the righteousness of the Flame's Sword.

No longer shall you quaver; be not timid in the light of our Flame, for the Flame is our guardian; and by His hand shall all we dread be burnt away.

The guns of our enemies silenced, and those among us who fled return with courage. Those who have shivered at shadows now set fires and keep fear at bay. Bright is the future we have before us, because we carry the Flame forward into the night.

The Flame dies and comes alive again; like a phoenix, He rises from ash and burns anew. The Flame makes us strong by sharing His light; He rekindles the hope that lies within us. From the weak He forges strength; from the impure He burns the wickedness. Our path through darkness is clear, for the Flame has lit the way.

For our hearts are the hearths in which the Flame burns; His fires will guard the homes of His faithful, but the evil will be blinded by its light and flee into shadow.

By bullets alone shall none prevail. The Flame's Sword shall never dull its edge or brilliance. The foes of the Flame shall forever be turned to smoke and blown away. For the Flame is everlasting; haunted by His own ghost, He cannot die.

—Song from a hymnal discovered in the Scorched Chapel, believed to be an account of the Risen named Hungren-3

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