Legendary / Warlock / Chest / Chest Armor

Acolytes of Nezarec: Acasia - III

Source: "Root of Nightmares" Raid

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Acolytes of Nezarec: Acasia - III

The structure I find myself in resembles a simple, quaint home. It's small, filled with decorations donning symbols I do not recognize.

At the center of the room, two Psions sleep peacefully among a stack of blankets and pillows. I watch the memory unfold from one of the corners.


The name echoes in my mind—her name.

From behind me, a sinister presence stirs. Goose bumps dart over my skin, and familiar whispers, ones I heard plenty of times in my life, increase in volume.

I turn to look at the home's entrance, and it is consumed in darkness, windows and all. I wait with bated breath.

A ring of eyes materializes in the window.


At the sound of his name, the shadows from the window expand and devour all the light in the room. Acasia and the other Psion are the only figures that I can see.

Darkness oozes down toward them. I watch intently, unable to take my eyes off the spectacle.

A hand forms, claws outstretch… his arm… then his face. The shape of his two-horned headpiece. The ring of eyes. The cacophony of hisses and screams fills the void while the two remain fast asleep.

Nezarec reaches for the Psion sleeping beside Acasia. The tips of his claws drag down across the skin, only to stop at his closed eye.

The darkness swirls then Nezarec vanishes, leaving nothing but moonlight.

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