Exotic / Titan / Head / Helmet

Absolute, unflinching resolve.

Source: Exotic engrams; extremely rare world drops.

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Eternal Warrior
Added in Season 3

Exotic Perks



Arc final blows grant an escalating damage bonus with Arc weapons. Gain an overshield when activating Fists of Havoc, and gain the highest tier damage bonus to Arc weapons when your Fists of Havoc Super ends.

Community Research

Scoring 2 to 3 Arc Kills within 10 seconds of each grants 1 Stack of Arc Weapon Surge for 11 [PVP: 6] seconds. Further Arc Kills while at the maximum of 4 Stacks refresh the buff's duration.

Grants a 75 HP Overshield upon casting the Fists of Havoc Super that negates Precision Damage.

Grants the maximum 4 Stacks of Weapon Surge after the Fists of Havoc Super ends.
Last Updated 2023-08-22

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Eternal Warrior

Absolute, unflinching resolve.

There is but one great truth in this life:
To live is to fight.

When you are weary with wounds
Heavy with the weight of combat
Think of your ancestors
See the world through their eyes
Everything new and unknown
A shadow world with sharp teeth
and unforgiving intentions

Think of those who came before
Fighting through the endless dark of the unknown
Burning with resolve and strength
Their passion lighting their path

Feel their flame
And know the one great truth

For they were champions
and through your deeds they will live forever

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