Exotic / Warlock / Chest / Chest Armor

There will come a day when the light will never fade.

Source: Exotic engrams; extremely rare world drops.

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Wings of Sacred Dawn
Added in Season 1

Exotic Perks

Tome of Dawn

Tome of Dawn

When Dawnblade is equipped, aiming weapons while you're midair suspends you there for a short time, reducing incoming flinch and granting damage resistance. Weapon hits extend this effect's duration, and weapon final blows reload your Solar weapons from reserves. Provides a large benefit to the airborne effectiveness stat of all weapons.

Community Research

Aiming Down Sights while Airborne grants Tome of Dawn while on a Solar Subclass.

Tome of Dawn lasts 2.8 seconds and holds you in place midair. Weapon hits add ? seconds to its duration.

Tome of Dawn grants the following benefits:
• 50 Airborne Effectiveness
• 25% Flinch Resistance
• 15% Damage Resistance
• Weapon Kills refill the magazines of all equipped Solar Weapons from reserves
Last Updated 2023-08-22

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Wings of Sacred Dawn

There will come a day when the light will never fade.

The Parable of the Venging Fire, as interpreted by Pujari

A young Warlock travels to her mentor, seeking the truth of the Praxic Fire. A wildfire rages in a valley nearby. Her mentor points to the billowing smoke, saying, "This is the Praxic Fire. Go, and learn what you can."

And the student returns to her teacher, saying, "Master, the fire does not ask, the fire acts. That is the truth."

Her mentor laughs, and the flames leave the sky from the valley and surround the teacher, and the wind blows the smoke away.

The old Warlock, now wreathed in flame with great outstretched wings, says, "The heart of the Praxic Fire is the Warlock. Without the Warlock, fire does not ask or act. Be the fire, or be smoke on the wind."

The cowering student stands, her palms closing into fists.

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