Exotic / Hunter / Head / Helmet

"I see you."

Source: Exotic engrams; extremely rare world drops.

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Added in Season 1

Exotic Perks

Relentless Tracker

Relentless Tracker

Damaging a powerful combatant or Guardian with an ability grants you a temporary bonus to weapon damage matching your subclass type. Defeating that target with a weapon matching the damage type of your subclass creates an elemental pickup.

Community Research

Dealing Ability Damage to a Major, Boss, or Player target grants 4 Stacks of Subclass-Matching Weapon Surge and highlights the target for 10 seconds each. Weapon Surge duration is not refreshable.

Killing highlighted targets spawns a Subclass-Matching Elemental Pickup.

Elemental Pickups include Firesprites, Ionic Traces, Stasis Shards, Strand Tangles, and Void Breaches.
Last Updated 2023-08-31

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"I see you."

I thought I was dead. Held my own for bit, but I could hear the Wizard wasn't alone and she'd be coming for whoever took out her spawn. It was just lying there, honestly. Looked like a standard old Outrider kit, but it had this rig, enough small diamond conduits to make me think it was something pulled out of those old Bray labs in the MNP. I don't just go putting things on my head, but I was desperate. Not sure what activated the thing, but sure enough there she was. I already had a lock on her, and once I engaged, there was nowhere she could hide.

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